Best Team Building Activities For Youth Groups

One of the most important times in a child’s life is that transitional period where they are going from a child into adulthood. Teenagers will go through significant changes, not only physically, but also from a mental and emotional standpoint. It’s difficult to know what they are going through, and if they are part of a group that meets on a regular basis, you will want to do as much positive work with them as you can. Since you can’t know what is actually going on with each of these individuals, doing group activities can help in terms of boosting their morale and sense of self-worth. Here are some of the best team building activities for youth groups that can help them become much more balanced individuals, helping to lay a positive foundation for them to grow upon.

Playing The Encouragement Game
In order to start this process, it should almost always begin with some type of encouragement game. Specifically, you will want to involve each of the kids in a group centered activity where they will have to interact with each other in a positive way. It could begin with a circle, all of them holding hands, taking turns saying something positive about one individual in the group. The game could be centered around dividing up into teams after the circle, each group talking about problems they are facing. After discussing their problems, they could come up with solutions which they will then share with the other groups who could then contribute with ideas and positive feedback. The game aspect of this activity could be anything from bouncing a beach ball to whoever has the turn, leading up to an actual game across the net to finalize the fun event. These activities can be expected from team building Malaysia.
Aardvark Relay
This is a game that really requires teambuilding in that each person needs to be extremely focused. It’s also fun to do and involves using a couple balls, one of which has small dried peas and each person has a straw. Using the power of straws in section, each person will grab a pea from the bowl, and quickly transported to the empty bowl at the other side of the room. They will be instructed to encourage each person that is currently taking the pea from the full bowl to the empty one, with one team ending up being the winner. One who fills up the ball first will win some type of prize, a game that can be a lot of fun. It builds teamwork, positive attitudes, and developing a very intense level of focus, all the while making everyone look like a makeshift Aardvark.
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Community Group Projects
Moving to something that is much more constructive in terms of helping the community, the youth group could work together to help a local business or family in some way. You could sit together in a group, deciding what to do, and look at the budget that you have the work with. Consider the amount of time that it will take, and what each person will have to do in order to participate together to make the project work. This could be as simple as doing something for a family that is in need such as bringing groceries, mowing the lawn, doing landscaping, or helping to paint their house. It is only limited by the amount of money that the group has in their budget, and the time that they have to spend. This is one of the best ways to focus on teambuilding activities because it’s not just about the group itself but working together to help someone else that is less fortunate. This allows each of the kids to build humility, compassion, as well as empathy, all characteristics of people that will become well-rounded and balanced when it comes to transitioning from their life at home into regular society.
Now that you know what you can do with your group of kids that meet together every week, especially to build up their character, you can take advantage of how fun these games are, and how it will get them to work together with a common purpose, sometimes one that is more beneficial for others than themselves. This is what will help all of them learn more about their character, who they really are, and what it means to truly help others. Additionally, in a group setting, they will also learn to work with each other with these focused activities, helping them to build their interpersonal relationship skills.

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