Tips On How To Have An Easy Time Renting A Car At Penang Airport

One of the biggest challenges people who travel the world face is arranging for transportation before and after their flight. All transportation plans made need to be flexible enough to cope with frequently rescheduled or delayed flight travel times, and should also be able to get them exactly where they want to go.

A car rental service is a great option to work with and is an alternative that’s fast becoming popular. This is because car rentals offer transportation options that are available at any hour of the day. At the same time, rental cars offer customers more freedom in respect to what they can do and where they can go using the rentals. However, renting out a car can be quite complicated, even in domestic settings, as the process of renting one will require the processing of paperwork and making of decisions as there are far too many options to choose from. For foreigners and tourists, additional hurdles like cultural differences and language barrier can complicate things even further.
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If you just landed in Penang Airport and are looking to rent a car, here are some tips from J.C. car rental in penang on how to get through the rental process fast and with relative ease.

1. Consider Looking for Online Reviews

Renting a car back home is relatively easy as you can always go by word of mouth or you can ask a friend or a family member for recommendations or about their experience with different local car rental services. However, when in a foreign country, this is not entirely feasible. The most advisable thing to do in such an instance is to consider scouring the Web for online reviews of the local car rental companies in Penang before making any decision. By doing this, identifying the most suitable rental services provider will be much easier and will increase your likelihood of saving both time and money.

2. Plan Ahead

One of the worst things that could happen to any traveler in desperate need of a rental car is for them to find themselves stuck at an agency’s counter trying to communicate with a customer service agent who doesn’t speak their language. Such circumstances as these leave travelers vulnerable to being taken advantage of by opportunistic salesmen and conmen who will scam or upsell anyone that looks vulnerable.
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By making rental plans well in advance here, the higher the chances that you will have an easy time going through the entire rental process fast and efficiently. Most rental car agencies have no problem with traveler booking cars online. The great thing about this option is that you only need to present the printout the agency sent you to pick a car you booked once you arrive.

3. Hire the Services of a Travel Agency

Language barrier is the greatest challenge most travelers looking to rent a car once at Penang Airport face. While most of the customer service agents working for car rental agencies in Penang speak both English and Malay, the truth is that it still can be quite hard to navigate more complex aspects of the car rental process when there’s a disconnect between the two of you.

To avoid “lost in translation” mistakes, consider renting a car through a travel agency specializing in Malaysian travel. While you may be needed to pay a small fee for this service, the cost is generally worth it as it will ease the rental process for you. At the same time, it allows you, the traveler, to consult with your travel agent in the event problems creep up during the rental process, and which seem not to have an amicable solution.

In short, if you want to have an easy time renting a car once at Penang Airport, work smart and make sure that you have everything sorted out well in advance. By anticipating and planning everything in advance, enjoying a fast and smooth rental process is entirely possible.


My Amazing Experience Getting A City Tour In Kuala Lumpur

I have always wanted to travel throughout Malaysia. It has been a country that has long fascinated me, seeing as it is located in one of the most unique areas of the world. The tropical climate, which is combined with the Asian culture of the area was something that I really wanted to experience. Furthermore, many of my good friends were also very interested by Malaysia and were very eager to visit. Thus, I went ahead and deciding to go on a trip to Malaysia, and go on a city tour of Kuala Lumpur. Here’s my amazing experience doing this.

seflie with KL tower

Of course, as mentioned above, I went on this eye opening trip with a few of my good friends. I realized that when it comes to traveling, it’s always fun to share your experiences with someone. Furthermore, being with others can really make you feel more secure as you are walking around and traveling throughout unknown areas. Hence, I was glad that my friends decided to join me.

We decided to go ahead and get a package that included pretty much everything that one needs to experience when they come to Malaysia for tourism purposes. The package included all of the top tourist attractions as well as some of the traditional Malaysian monuments which shows you the amazing history that comes with the country. The package also included a city tour of Kuala Lumpur, which is one of the most urban areas of the country. Hence, I was very excited to go ahead and explore the great city known as Kuala Lumpur.

Lots of people who went on the Malaysian tourism package with us were absolutely impressed with the experience of going throughout telekom towerKuala Lumpur. In fact, it was the first thing that the tour did when we first arrived in the country. Hence, the first taste that I got for this great country was through an insightful tour of the city.

The city of Kuala Lumpur was much different to what I expected. I noticed that the entire city was immensely modern and clean. Throughout the many different districts of the city, I was able to notice how such things as the architecture of the buildings would change. Furthermore, the clothes that the people were wearing would also change. It was great to see the great range of diversity that was on display all throughout the city.

The tour consisted of stopping at a number of the most popular eateries that the city has to offer. I have to say, the food that we ate during this trip was absolutely delicious. I was not expecting Malaysia to have such great food, but I was definitely wrong. I was so surprised at how delicious the food we ate on the tour was.

Kl at night

I believe that the tour of Kuala Lumpur that we went on was definitely one of the highlights to our trip to Malaysia. I highly suggest that you go ahead and visit beautiful Malaysia.